Creating magical Gem Waters

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Gem waters are one of the simplest forms of crystal magic yet at the same time are very versatile and effective. You can charge water with an appropriate crystal for healing or one whose special powers you would like to develop in yourself and this charged water can then be used in many different ways. Read through our A-Z of crystals to find a stone suitable for your purpose or feel free to e-mail us if you are looking for ideas.

To make a Gem Water all you need is the crystal you are going to work with, a glass, bowl or jar of water and your imagination! Fresh water is best and if possible it should come from a clean natural source such as a river or healing spring. If this is not possible use bottled water (still, not sparkling!) or tap water.

The crystal you are using should be thoroughly cleansed before you begin. Spend a few minutes relaxing before you start work, breathing deeply and rhythmically and letting any stress or tension melt out of your body. When you feel relaxed and ready pick up the crystal. Hold it in your hand and feel its weight, coldness, smoothness or roughness. See how the light catches it, how the colours shine and how beautiful it is. When you are familiar with the feel and look of the stone close your eyes and visualise your goal. If you are creating a healing water imagine yourself healthy and full of energy. If you are working to develop your magical powers see yourself within your magic circle performing a spell. If you are looking for love see yourself happy and contented in the arms of a lover. Don't let yourself think about how this could be, just imagine it being. Let the energy of this inner vision flow into the crystal. When you feel that the stone is fully charged place it in the water. Hold both your hands over the water with your palms facing downwards and visualise energy streaming out of your palms into the glass, being absorbed by the water until it shines with magical radiance. The water is now charged and you can use it any way you see fit. The simplest way to use it is either to drink it or to pour it into a pretty bowl or glass and leave it in a room to evaporate and fill the atmosphere with its energy. There are many ways to use Gem Waters and the only real limit to this type of magic is your imagination...

  • Give Aventurine Water to sickly house plants.
  • Add a little Leopardskin Jasper Water to your familiar's water dish.
  • For magical protection pour some Obsidian Water into the water you are using to clean your house.
  • Use Gem Waters as a ritual drink during your magical ceremonies.
  • Add Gem Waters to your bath for healing, relaxation or preparation for ritual.
  • Keep a bowl by your bed for dreaming magic and restful sleep.
  • Pour into a bowl and leave it to evaporate into the room.

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