This is a personal website, setup mostly to share information with family and friends.

All photographs and artwork on this site are copyright © by me and "All Rights Reserved" except as noted otherwise.

Making/processing photos and digital artwork are what allows me to keep some semblance of a shred of sanity.

I am a MUSE•ical CHICK•let

My personal music collection ranges from Beethoven to Bananarama, from Black Sabbath to Bob Marley, from BT to Blondie, from Bo-Cephus to Blink-182 literally. I like variety.

My favorite genres are:
• Deep House
• Jazz, Blues
• NewAge
• Ambient/downbeats

As far as musical instruments, I play hand drums (djembes, doumbeks, congas, etc.) at home and sometimes at community Drum Circles.

Mostly, though, I am a listener of music a woman who enjoys dancing to ALL the rhythms of Life.

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